Remake Policy

When a Remake is Needed

We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time. Our commitment to quality begins when we accept a case. However like all areas of life things don’t turn out as planned. We that happens we are here to make it right

For Single Units: If a single unit fails within one year of the invoice date, Assured Dental Lab will absorb the cost to remake the unit that failed.
Once exception to this policy is when a client trims their own dies and the crown is short. In that case, Assured Dental Lab would not absorb the cost.

For Multiple Units: For cases involving multiple units the policy gets more involved.

  • Obvious lab failure. NO CHARGE.
  • Obvious client failure. FULL CHARGE.
  • If no obvious cause is found for the inaccurate seating of a restoration there will be a charge of ½ the total cost to make the restoration.
  • When the lab returns a case for a questionable accuracy and the client O.K.’s to proceed and a remake results, the client bears the cost in full.

Questions or Concerns: Please feel free to call Dan when you have any questions regarding this policy.