There are so many metal free restorations, which one is the right choice?

Small to large inlay or onlay: Use Sculpture or VM9 pressed or e.max pressed.

Veneers: Use Sculpture if prepped lightly. VM9 pressed or Procera if prepped aggressively. e.max pressed for extra strength/bruxing.

Maryland Bridge: Use Sculpture/Fibercore. Anterior crowns and splinted single units: Use Procera alumina or Procera alumina.

Anterior 3-unit Bridge: Use Procera Zirconia.

Anterior bridge combined with posterior single units and/or bridge: Use Lava or Procera Zirconia.

Anterior single crown that has a short prep and/or under a heavy occlusal load: Use Procera Zirconia or e.max pressed.

Anterior bridge over 3 units: Use Lava or Procera Zirconia.

Posterior single units: Use Procera Zirconia or Bruxer crown made from IPS e.max

Posterior bridges: Lava or Procera or Cercon Zirconia.

Any Cantilever bridge: Cercon Zirconia or Procera Zirconia.

Patient a grinder or Bruxer: Use IPS e.max Bruxer crown.

Patient breaks everything: Solid Zirconia anatomically correct crown.

What type of cement or bonding should I use?
Type of Ceramic Type of Restoration Bonded or Cemented Cementation Protocol Suggested Cements
High Leuclte

•IPS Empress (Ivoclar Vivadent)

Inlays, Onlays, Crowns, Veneers (excluding 2 molar crowns) Adhesively Bond 1.Etch with phosphoric acid
3.Apply bonding agent (4th or 5th generation)
4.Cement with light-cured or daul-cured cement
•Variolink Veneer(Ivoclar)
•Variolink II with Excite (Ivoclar)
•RelyX veneer with Adper Single Bond Plus
•NX3 with Optlbond Solo Plus (Kerr Corp.)
•Callbra with Prime and Bond NT(Dentsply)
Lithium Disllicate

•IPS E.Max Press (Ivoclar)
•IPS E.Max CAD (Ivoclar)

Anterior and Posterior Crowns,3-unit bridge up to 2nd bicuspid Adhesively Bond or Conventional cement 1.Etch with phosphoric acid
3.Apply bonding agent (4th or 5th generation)
4.Cement with light-cued or dual-cured cement or use self-adhesive resin cements
•Multllink Automix (Ivoclar)
•Variolink II with Excite (Ivoclar)
•RelyX Unicem (3M ESPE)
•RelyX Veneer with Adper Single Bond Plus(3M ESPE)
•Panavla F2.0 (Kuraray America)
•Maxcem Elite (Kerr Corp.)
•NX3 with Optlbond Solo Plus (Kerr Corp.)
•Callbra with Prime and Bond NT(Dentsply)
•IPS E.Max Veneers (Ivoclar) Anterior Thin Veneers Adhesively Bond Same as IPS Empress •Variolink Veneer(Ivoclar)
•RelyX Veneer with Adper Single Bond Plus(3M ESPE)

•Procera (Nobel Biocare)
•Lava (3M ESPE)
•IPS E.Max ZirCAD(Ivoclar)
•3D Zircrown or Brux-Zir
Full Contour Zirconia Crown

Anterior and posterior Crowns, 3 & 4-unit Bridges (span length 44mm), Implants, Maryland bridges Conventionally cement No etching use a Self-adhesive universal resin cement or Resin-modified glass lonomer Cement or resin cement with Ceramic primer and bonding agent •Multilink Automix (Ivoclar)
•Speed Cem(Ivoclar)
•RelyX Unicem (3M ESPE)
•GC FujiCEM Automix (GC America)
•Maxcem Elite(Kerr Corp.)
•Breeze (Pentron)
•Clearfil Esthetic cement (Kuraray America)
Can I print a "Picking The Right Restoration Guide"?

A printable version of “Picking the Right Restoration Guide” is found HERE

What type of metals do you use?

Full Gold. 10%,50%,75%. Semi-precious silver/palladium allow for PFM is Superior by Jensen. Or a high noble 75%PFM gold called Argedent 75 by Argen.

Which metal free material is the strongest?

Based on the Mpa scale Zirconia is currently the strongest. Then e.max, then Ultimate Restorative, then traditional porcelain, then your natural tooth enamel. Keep in mind every material is harder than enamel so you must rubber wheel and polish every metal free material.

Do you do Implants?

Yes, we are a “preferred lab” by all the major implant companies. That means we have demonstrated a high depth of knowledge and skill of each implant system. This training is to provide you with peace of mind that your case will be done correctly and with genuine name brand parts.

Do you have CAD/CAM ?

Yes we are the only lab in Northern Illinois with three different scanners. The Nobel Biocade Digital Scanner and the Nobel Picalo touch scanner. And our latest addition, the Straumann CARES 2 digital scanner

What pick-up and delivery areas do you service?

Assured Dental Lab provides our own local courier service to the Rockford IL area. Dentists outside this are are invited to contact us directly to arrange for a pick up by UPS or FedX

Who pays for remakes?

While our comittment to quality from the moment we accept a case reduces the likelyhood of a remake, sometimes they are necessary. In those rare cases we follow the Remake Policy.