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Metal-Free Restoration Guide

These are guidelines only.

Small to large inlay or onlay: Use Sculpture or VM9 pressed or e.max pressed.

Veneers: Use Sculpture if prepped lightly. VM9 pressed or Procera if prepped aggressively. e.max pressed for extra strength/bruxing.

Maryland Bridge: Use Sculpture/Fibercore. Anterior crowns and splinted single units: Use Procera alumina or Procera alumina.

Anterior 3-unit Bridge: Use Procera Zirconia.

Anterior bridge combined with posterior single units and/or bridge: Use Lava or Procera Zirconia.

Anterior single crown that has a short prep and/or under a heavy occlusal load: Use Procera Zirconia or e.max pressed.

Anterior bridge over 3 units: Use Lava or Procera Zirconia.

Posterior single units: Use Procera Zirconia or Bruxer crown made from IPS e.max

Posterior bridges: Lava or Procera or Cercon Zirconia.

Any Cantilever bridge:
Cercon Zirconia or Procera Zirconia.

Patient a grinder or Bruxer: Use IPS e.max Bruxer crown.

Patient breaks everything: Solid Zirconia anatomically correct crown.

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